Core Values and Philosophy

Our Vision

To provide a platform for a life paradigm shift for today's youth so they can enhance their skills to emerge as resilient, dynamic and self-motivated change agents, contributing to an empowered nation.

Our Mission

  • To stay committed and excel in field of technical, medical and higher education whilst making available the global perspectives to the students.
  • To aim for an Intellectual transformation of students by exposing them to new ideas, new approaches and a dynamic curriculum.
  • To help students develop a keen technical insight and a critical thinking mind.

Our Values

  • Integrity: Our blunt refusal to compromise on our standards.
  • Excellence: Approaching the ordinary with an extraordinary edge.
  • Commitment: Relentless consistency for great accomplishments.
Gaurav Sir
  • Our Philosophy

    Our Philosophy to excellent education is the focus on the delivery system, then comes the faculty, various student services, training and fun. Without it, there would-be no future-ready student that can attain what today’s generation is ought to achieve - excellence employability in the corporate world.

  • MPGI's Principle

    Understanding the pedagogical foundations of technical and higher education as a definitive means for knowledge enhancement. Staying aware of the spurs of technological advances as it helps students develop the transferable, higher-order skills they need to become life-long learners and thrive in their future.

  • Key Of Success

    MPGI's key to success is guaranteed placement assistance, excellent infrastructure, global exposure and training. We strive to stay committed to providing the best standards of academia and personal development of students. This can only be done by faculty with a broader vision of education.