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Women Safety

Women Grievance, Anti Sexual Harassment and Empowerment Cell:

The Women Empowerment Cell aims at creating an ambiance for the safety and security of every women employee/girl student in the campus.Women Empowerment Cell (WEC) has been constituted to empower and safeguard the rights of female members; faculty staff and students of the college.

The WEC works to promote gender sensitivity in the college and conduct diverse programme to educate, sensitize both male and female members and produce harmonious atmosphere on the campus. It works for the welfare of the students and faculty towards preparing them in to competent professionals to take up greater challenges in the academic sphere. The principal nominates the members of WEC. It organizes workshops and sensitization programmers’ both for staff and students by eminent Psychologists and social workers. The committee also addresses similar kind of issues on various occasions like:


Women’s day


Mother’s Day


  • To develop the guidelines and norms for a policy against sexual harassment.
  • To develop principles and procedures for combating sexual harassment.
  • To work out details for the implementation of the policy.
  • To prepare a detailed plan of action, both short and long term.
  • To advise complainants of the informal and formal means of resolution as specified by

The Cell

  • To ensure the fair and timely resolution of sexual harassment complaints.
  • To provide information regarding counseling and support services on our campus.
  • To ensure that student, faculty and staff are provided with current and comprehensive materials on sexual harassment and assault.
  • To promote awareness about sexual harassment through educational initiatives that encourages and fosters a respectful work and learning environment.