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MPGI got a proactive and an industry clued-in Placement Cell, which prides itself on a strong professional network across diverse sectors.

It actively coordinates with students and ensures that they get placed with reputed MNCs within six months of Graduating.
  • Identification of new avenues of placements in the industry for students.
  • Training of students to enhance their ED i.e Employability Quotient.
  • Corporate customized Programs for students.
  • Summer internships organized for students in reputed companies. In-house Internships to deserving students.
  • Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP) organized for students interested in self-employment.
  • Seminars, Conferences, Panel Discussions, HR Meet are some of the activities organized around the year for giving maximum exposure to our students.

Campus Drives 2022-23

  • Mobiloitte Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.
    (Date 19-Nov-2022)
  • Ceasefire Industries Limited (Date 15-Nov-2022)
  • VARANK (Date 09-Nov-2022)
  • Bosch (Date 04-Nov-2022)
  • Accenture (Date 03-Nov-2022)
  • Capgemini (Date 02-Nov-2022)
  • Intuit (Date 01-Nov-2022)
  • Unthinkable – daffodil (Date 31-Oct-2022)
  • IBM Hiring (Date 31-Oct-2022)
  • McAfee (Date 27-Oct-2022)
  • Amazon India (Date 26-Oct-2022)
  • Adobe (Date 26-Oct-2022)
  • Impedge technologies (Date 23-Oct-2022)
  • IBM (Date 21-Oct-2022)
  • CLOUD ANALOGY (Date 21-Oct-2022)
  • WNS (Date 19-Oct-2022)
  • Infomatica (Date 19-Oct-2022)
  • WIPRO (Date 18-Oct-2022)
  • Collabera (Date 17-Oct-2022)
  • Google (Date 15-Oct-2022)
  • Cred (Date 13-Oct-2022)
  • Atlassian (Date 12-Oct-2022)
  • WebKul (Date 12-Oct-2022)
  • ANZ (Date 11-Oct-2022)
  • W3 Villa (Date 08-Oct-2022)
  • Reliance Jio (Date 06-Oct-2022)
  • Yahoo India hiring (Date 03-Oct-2022)
  • Hike EDU (Date 02-Oct-2022)
  • Tech Mahindra (Date 23-Sep-2022)
  • Nuclear Software (Date 23-Sep-2022)
  • Nagarro (Date 22-Sep-2022)
  • Learning Routes (Date 20-Sep-2022)
  • Naehas (Date 16-Sep-2022)
  • Sopra Steria (Date 09-Sep-2022)
  • Sopra Banking (Date 07-Sep-2022)
  • 99 Acers (Date 02-Sep-2022)
  • VVDN Technologies Pvt Ltd (Date 02-Sep-2022)
  • Cedcoss (Date 01-Sep-2022)
  • Metacube (Date 30-Aug-2022)
  • Emies Technology (Date 27-Aug-2022)
  • Walmart (Date 26-Aug-2022)
  • Gainsight Software Pvt. Ltd (Date 25-Aug-2022)
  • Infomatica (Date 23-Aug-2022)
  • Vertusa (Date 23-Aug-2022)
  • TCS (Date 19-Aug-2022)
  • Josh (Date 19-Aug-2022)
  • Amazon Wow (Date 19-Aug-2022)
  • Josh Technology (Date 03-Aug-2022)
  • Hexaware (Date 24-Jul-2022)
  • BYJU’S (Date 16-Jul-2022)
  • TRILOGY INNOVATIONS (Date 08-Jul-2022)
  • TCS NQT (Date 24-Jun-2022)
  • TENHARD INDIA Pvt. Ltd (Date 06-Jun-2022)

Top Recruiters

Industry Readiness Process

  • Brain storming session with the recruiter.
  • Need Mapping
  • Develop customized training program as per the need of the industry
  • Identify the resources to execute in association with the recruiters
  • Execute the training
  • Critical Evaluation
  • Invite recruiters to choose the right resources for their profile
  • Feedback & Monitoring

Industry Readiness Process

  • Delivering the Pre-Placement Talk
  • Conduct the written Test (Technical/Aptitude Test)
  • Group Discussion/Team Activity
  • HR Interview/Technical Interview
  • Group Discussion/Team Activity
  • HR Interview/Technical Interview
  • Selection of the Candidate
  • Offer Letter Distribution




LPA Highest Package


Offer Rollouts (ongoing)


Companies Visited (ongoing)

Abhigyan Ranjan


Abhishek Dwivedi

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Placement Drives


Total Job Rollouts

Abhijit Kumar

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Abhishek Singh

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