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Rules and Regulations

For all students of the College

  • Every student shall observe proper discipline in the campus, conforming to rules and regulations as may be in force from time to time in the college.
  • Every student should come to the class in time in proper uniform; attend the theory, tutorial and laboratory classes; submit the assignments timely; participate in co-curricular and extracurricular activities on a regular basis; appear in all the examinations; behave decently in civilized manner with fellow students, senior and junior students, employees, teachers and authorities of the college. Students would move around and inside any academic department so as to maintain silence and not disturb the classes and the faculty. Use of mobile phones in the classrooms, laboratories and library area is strictly prohibited.
  • A valid photo identity card issued by the college must always be carried by the students. He/ She is required to produce as a proof of his/her identity on demand by any teacher/ security personnel/ invigilators & flying squad in the examination hall/ other authorities of the college.
  • Every student shall take due care of the property in the college campus. It is collective as well as individual responsibility of the student(s) not to litter and to maintain the campus and its environs neat and clean.
  • All the students/residents shall take care of their belongings themselves. The college authorities shall not be responsible for the loss or damage to the belongings of the students/residents.
  • Every student shall execute Undertaking/Affidavit of good behavior and satisfactory academic performance and also of total compliance of the rules and regulations of the college as in force from time to time during the entire period of his/ her stay in the college. His/Her parent/legal guardian shall execute Undertaking/ Affidavit of good behavior of the student and also of total compliance of the rules and regulations of the college as in force from time to time by the student during the entire period of his/her stay in the college. (Annexure – Specimen draft of Undertaking/Affidavit for the purpose is enclosed)
  • Possession/Consumption of pan masala, tobacco, liquor, drugs or any other intoxicant(s) in any form and spitting on roads, corners and walls of the buildings is strictly prohibited in the campus of the college.
  • The college does not permit students to bring in the campus motorized vehicles unregistered/ unauthorized by the college.
  • Every student residing in the hostel becomes a member of its mess. Only vegetarian food is provided in the mess.
  • All the resident students shall observe rules and regulations of the hostels. They should also observe quiet hours during 10:00 pm to 06:00 am during which the noise from the source should not be loud enough to disturb the fellow residents as well as the other residents of the campus. During non-quiet hours too, unnecessary or non-essential noise must be avoided.
  • The resident students can not host guests/outsiders in their rooms during the night without the written permission of the Warden/Chief Warden.
  • The student shall be responsible for conduct of his/her permitted guest in the hostel including any financial charges that may result from damages, if any.
  • The resident students are responsible for the condition/ upkeep of their rooms and all the furnishings assigned to them. They should return these to the hostel authorities in good condition while vacating/ moving out from the room. If the room is damaged, disfigured and defaced, or its furnishings damaged or lost, the residents are financially responsible and shall pay the assessed cost with fine, if any.
  • Electrical/Electronic items (other than calculators, mobile phones, tablets, laptops and computers), not allowed/permitted to students in hostel, shall not be kept.
  • Life threatening and other banned items such as weapons, narcotics etc. shall not be brought in to the campus premises/hostels. If such items are found during search or otherwise, the items will be taken away and disciplinary proceedings will be initiated. Only electrical/electronic items of hostel inmates may be returned as and when the college authorities find it appropriate to do so.
  • Use of internet facilities for indecent purposes is strictly prohibited.
  • Visitors of the opposite gender are strictly prohibited to enter residential rooms of any hostel any time during the 24 hours of the day.
  • All the hostel inmates shall inform of any change in contact number and address of parent/guardian as and when it happens to warden as well as administrative officer for timely needful change in hostel and academic records.
  • No hostel inmate shall leave the hostel for outstation without prior and proper permission of the warden/ chief warden for holidays and HOD, in addition, for working days of the college.
  • Hostel inmates visiting city and surroundings in permitted hours shall leave the campus after making proper entry in the daily in-out register at the main gate and return in time as notified seasonally. In case, their is likelihood of overstay than permitted hours, its intimation should be given to the warden/ chief warden within permitted hours without fail.
  • Unauthorized use of any facility such as mess, transport etc. as specified by the university authorities from time to time.
  • Indulging or instigating others to indulge in vitiating the academic environment of any section/class/branch of study in the college.
  • Damaging the furnishings and equipments of the classroom(s), tutorial hall(s), laboratories, common rooms, offices and/or common facilities of the academic floor/wing/block etc.
  • Attempting to harm himself/herself or others in campus premises.
  • Keeping, carrying, using or supplying of any firearms, lethal weapons, knife with a blade of more than eight centimeter in length in the hostel room or outside.
  • Keeping, using or supplying intoxicants in any form.
  • Gambling in any form.
  • Ragging, bullying or harassing of student(s), in any form.
  • Demonstration in any form including procession and meeting.
  • Strike or hunger strike.
  • Boycotting of a university function, programme or activity or preventing any student from attending classes, functions, programmes or any other activity of the college.
  • Abusing, intimidating, manhandling, physically assaulting, and causing injury to any student or employee of the college.
  • Showing or causing to show any disrespect to a teacher or officer or any misbehavior or intimidation of fellow student/ employee of the college.
  • Incitement to commit any act of indiscipline.
  • Any breach of law of the country/state or the statutes, ordinances, rules and regulations of the college or orders of competent authorities.
  • Disturbing other students in their studies.
  • Damaging any other property within the campus of the college and/or damaging assets of the college outside the campus.
  • Disorderly behavior in any form.
  • Attending or organizing unauthorized meetings and participation in such meetings.Displaying unauthorized/forged notices, leaflets, or posters at any place in the campus.
  • Distributing unauthorized/forged notices, leaflets, or posters to fellow students.
  • Disfiguring or defacing anything or writing slogans and undesirable things on the buildings and structures of any of the college establishments.
  • Any act specifically forbidden by the Warden, Chief Warden Dean (Student Welfare) or any other officer of the college.
  • Any other act intended or expected to cause inconvenience, annoyance or injury to any other fellow student(s), employee(s) of the college or resident(s) of the campus, or guest(s)/ visitor(s) to the university.
  • Defiance of any other provision of Sections 1 & 2 of this Ordinance.

The Departmental Discipline Board (DDB)/ Proctorial Board (PB) or its Sub-committee (PBS), as may be decided by the competent authority/ the Enquiry Committee constituted for the purpose will probe into the acts of indiscipline of student(s) and depending upon the nature & seriousness of the act(s) of indiscipline, recommend one or more of the following Punishments:

  • Monetary fine
  • Deduction in marks/ Reduction in letter grade(s) of the General Proficiency.
  • Collective or group fine, imposed when it is not possible to fix the responsibility on individual members of the group for any act of indiscipline. Any student or group of students indulging in any act of indiscipline including stealing or damaging the property or equipment(s) and causing loss to the assets of the college/ campus residents/ fellow students shall be financially responsible and pay the assessed charges for losses, damages, cleaning, repairs or replacements along with fine imposed, if any.
  • Reprimand on Record(RR), wherein an official warning to the student(s) not to repeat any act of indiscipline in future is given with or without punishments described under 3(b)(i) and / or 3(b)(ii). In addition, Bonds as specified under 3(b) will have to be executed which will remain operative for the entire remaining period of the stay of the student in the college.
  • Conduct Probation (CP), wherein an official warning to the student(s) not to repeat again any act of indiscipline in future is given with or without punishments described under 3(b)(i) and/or 3(b)(ii). However, this warning will also contain that any further act of indiscipline might lead to withholding character certificate and/or debarring from facility of campus placement and/or rustication of the student(s) involved for minimum of a semester/trimester to up to four semesters/ six trimesters (two years) from the college. In addition, Bonds as specified hereunder will have to be executed which will remain operative for the entire remaining period of the stay of the student in the college. Bonds of good behavior and satisfactory academic performance of the student by the student as well as his/her parent/legal guardian, with such condition(s) as may be imposed by the university authorities, be obtained in punishments under 3(b)(iv) & 3(b)(v). The Character Certificate to student kept on Conduct Probation will be issued only after the recommendation of the Departmental Discipline Board/Proctorial Board and Dean, Students’ Welfare. A student on ‘Conduct Probation’ may be refused readmission/ registration, if his/her CPI is less than the minimum CPI required to move into next year of study.
  • Rustication for one semester/trimester to up to four semesters/ six trimesters, (two years). Student(s) so rusticated, if hosteller(s), shall be required to vacate the hostel immediately. The rusticated student may be readmitted on bond(s) with such conditions as may be imposed of good behavior and satisfactory academic performance after the period of rustication to be able to complete the degree requirements of the programme in which he/she was registered prior to rustication. Nevertheless, he/she will remain on ‘Conduct Probation’ throughout his/her remaining period of studies at the College. If a student has been awarded punishment of rustication in his/her final semester/trimester of studies, the Vice-chancellor, however, on receipt of an unconditional apology, security deposit of rupees one lac, and fine as imposed, may keep it under abeyance so as to enable him/her to complete the degree requirements on compassionate grounds. Students who have been given the benefit of abeyant rustication will only be allowed to participate in the academic activity (i.e., attending classes and writing examinations only). If a placed student has been awarded punishment of rustication in his/ her final semester/ trimester of studies, his/ her employer may also be informed of his/her act(s) of indiscipline and punishment awarded. The Character Certificate to rusticated student(s) will be issued only after the acceptance of the recommendation of the Departmental Discipline Board/ Proctorial Board and Dean, Students’ Welfare by the Vice Chancellor. Rusticated student(s) shall also be debarred from admission to the college in any further degree programme/employment in the college

For act(s) of indiscipline of student(s) which can be construed as serious offence in-conducive to the health of the college or further acts of indiscipline of the student(s) on ‘Conduct Probation’/ ‘Abeyant Rustication’/ readmitted after rustication. Student(s) so expelled from the college, shall be required to leave the college immediately. The punishment shall be entered in the transcript of the student(s) and he/she shall be debarred from admission to the college in any further degree programme/ employment in the college.

  • If the act(s) of indiscipline of student(s) vitiate(s) the atmosphere of the hostel(s), the student(s) may be expelled for a specified period or forever from the hostel. When the student(s) is/are expelled from the hostel, then his/her (their) parent(s)/ legal guardian(s) are required to execute a bond that he/she (they) will reside in Kanpur district at a sustitable place which will not be in radius of at least ten km from the college campus and that he/she (they) will not indulge in any act of indiscipline; else, he/she (they) will attract rustication/ expulsion from the university.
  • There shall be a permanent record card of each student of the university in which entries will be made of his/her act(s) of indiscipline and punishment(s) awarded as well as punishment(s) revoked.