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Anti Ragging Cell

Instructions to freshers in the college as a safeguard from raggings


The senior students in order to show off their power, authority and superiority over their juniors or fresher indulge in the act of ragging. All measures have been taken to ensure that the fresher do not suffer at the hands of their seniors.If any senior tries to rag a junior directly or indirectly, the affected student may complain to the Proctor, Registrar, HoD, Dean, Students' Welfare or any faculty member so that strict disciplinary action may be initiated against delinquent senior student.


All the students are hereby informed that ragging in any form is strictly banned by the order of Honorable Supreme Court. Students must refrain from indulging in, committing or abetting the acts of ragging. Otherwise they will be liable to expulsion / rustication / suspension from the hostel / college. In addition to the above mentioned punitive action, the Honorable Supreme court has directed the Educational Institutions to lodge an FIR with a view to root out completely any incidence of ragging from the campus.

Maintenance of ragging free campus


The College maintains a ragging free campus with the support of students, their parents and faculty members. Our College believes that ragging is a criminal offence and we do not hesitate to take stern action against offenders.