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MBA (HR) Job Roles and Career Scope at a Glance

Among a large number of conventional and newly introduced higher education programs, MBA scores heavily over all of them for various practical reasons. It is one of the most opted-for courses by millions of students across the country in different colleges and universities including the Top MBA Colleges in Uttar Pradesh. The course structure of MBA comprises many specializations and the most ever-green among them is MBA in HR or MBA HR Analysis. This blog post attempts to shed light on different aspects related to this most prestigious specialization associated with an MBA degree.

MBA in Human Resource Management: An Overview 

In the world of business and management, human resources are the individuals who are hired by a particular organization to carry out its business operations. The term ‘resources’ here denotes a specific meaning – limited availability. Thus, for any organization, it is mandatory to manage and utilize its resources in a well-planned and systematic manner to survive the cut-throat competition. This type of management of the workforce is called Human Resource Management. In other simple words, we can also conclude that HR management is a function that involves the following processes:

  • The hiring of the workforce
  • Providing training and other development facilities
  • Maintaining manpower regulations across the organizational framework
  • Assessing the employees’ performance
  • Offering different types of perks, benefits, and compensations
  • Motivating them to keep their morale high and up
  • Ensuring better health, safety, and welfare
  • Hiring and developing teams according to the specific requirements of the organization.

Eligibility Criteria and Duration

  • MBA – Master of Business Administration in HR is a 3-year full-time program
  • Eligibility – Graduation 50% marks (through UPSEE), 45% for SC/ST or
  • Graduation 50% marks (direct admission), 45% for SC/ST.

Candidates fulfilling the above eligibility criteria can seek admission to any of the Top MBA Colleges in Uttar Pradesh.

Skills Required to Pursue MBA in HR

MBA – Master of Business Administration in HR is a highly specialized program that calls for certain skills. What features on the top in the list of skills includes excellent people management and communication. Apart from these crucial skills, there are some other skills also that can help aspirants to stand out from the crowd. Let’s take a look over them in the following points:

Planning abilities

Planning is one of the most important job roles of MBA (HR) degree holders. They need to plan and execute different types of training and other developmental programs such as yearly activities and other employee engagement initiatives. All of this calls for an eye for detail, excellent coordination skills, and the ability to draft different plans.

Excellent communication skills

Excellent communications skills can be considered a cornerstone of the success of a professional in HR. As HR professionals need to be great convincers, they need to have excellent communication skills to be the same. These skills help them handle different types of critical situations in all employee matters.

Leadership skills

Those who are born with leadership skills must consider human resource management as a career. The leadership abilities help HR professionals tackle even the most complex conflicts and situations proving them individuals who can take charge in whatever the scenario is.

Supervisory skills

HR professionals are responsible for the effective and efficient management of the entire manpower of the organization. They need to guide the employees while adhering to the company’s culture and HR policy. They also need to establish some specific work practices and monitor their implementation across areas.

Soft skills

Soft skills are the biggest differentiators between HR professionals and other employees. A good HR professional is he or she who shares a very cozy and emotional bond with the employees of the company regardless of their position and professional stature within the organization. It is also one of the primary duties of the HR professionals to make the employees  always feel satisfied with the company as well as their job profile.

Job Roles and Career Opportunities at a Glance

Every company, regardless of its size and magnitude, hires MBAs in HR trained at the Top MBA Colleges in Uttar Pradesh. Some of the top roles and career opportunities are discussed below:

HR Generalist

Most MBAs who earn the concerned degree from the Top MBA Colleges in Uttar Pradesh are hired as HR generalists. It is an entry-level job that includes a variety of roles including the following:

  • Inviting and getting job applications for different vacancies
  • Evaluating resumes and concluding the potential
  • Documenting and scheduling the interviewing process
  • Planning for recruitment drives for different categories of jobs.

Staffing Director

Staffing Director is one of the top-ranked jobs that human resource professionals can get after completing their degree from any of the Top MBA Colleges in Uttar Pradesh or any other part of the country. The professionals holding this position take all crucial decisions when it comes to managing all the existing employees. Apart from it, they are also responsible for formulating various recruitment and promotion policies.

Senior Executive HR

HR professionals become Senior Executive HR after working successfully for some years for an organization. What they do includes:

  • Overseeing the recruitment process
  • Implementing company policies, and
  • Setting different objectives for the HR team.

HR Analyst

An HR Analyst is an individual who takes on all the tasks associated with HR analytics for the company he or she works for. What they do includes:
  • Identifying HR related issues and finding solutions to them
  • Creating company objectives and policies
  • Analyzing and evaluating data and reports
  • Streamlining the human resource operations
  • Playing a pivotal role in boosting the efficiency of the company.

Concluding Remarks

Human Resource Management is an evergreen field offering a wide range of job opportunities to those who have earned their degree from any of the MBA Colleges in Uttar Pradesh or any other part of the country. No company can do without employing an HR Manager of Executive. Maharana Pratap Group of Institutions (MPGI) offers MBA in HR with a specialization in HR Analysis. Other specializations include Financial Analytics and Services, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, and Marketing Analytics.