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Top 7 Career Options for MCA Degree Holders

MCA – Master of Computer Applications has always been a well-known program in the IT industry, and every year, a large number of students face tough competition for admission to thetop MCA colleges in UP and other parts of the country. MCA is a dream program for all computer science aspirants, and the ever-expanding IT industry always welcomes them with open arms. IT companies always require computer science professionals who have relevant knowledge, experience, and a proven skillset.
But still, if you are wondering about the prospects associated with an MCA program offered by any of the MCA colleges in Kanpur, then this blog is a must-read for you. Here will find a detailed analysis of the career options once you complete your MCA program:

1. Hardware Engineer

Hardware engineering is one of the premium branches of computer science engineering and is opted by thousands of students every year. Hardware engineers are the individuals who are responsible for designing and developing computer hardware. They supervise almost every step in the manufacturing process of computer hardware. They are also involved in the testing and validation of different computer hardware while suggesting solutions to the problems that arise through the course.

2. Software Developer

Software development is considered to be the highest-paid subdomain in the field of computer science. Software engineers design, develop, install and test different types of software programs. These professionals need to have amazing analytical thinking ability and the mettle to creatively apply their skills to render the always-best results. With the world getting more digitally connected and empowered, software developers have become the hottest commodities not only in India but also across the globe.

3. Data Scientist

Data science is gradually picking up the pace globally, and it is one of the most talked-about topics today. Data scientists are the individuals who analyze a huge set of unstructured and structured data. The analysis and insights that they obtain or fetch from the said data help different organizations in making well-informed business decisions. Today, the companies engaged in manufacturing and other industry sectors are experiencing the need for data collection as much as they can. The data collected help them not only in analyzing the market dynamics but also in identifying their future prospects. Those interested in data science can do specialization during their MCA program and claim lucrative jobs after the completion of the course.

4. Database Engineer

Database engineering is also an exciting field for those who have an interest in and the ability to create and maintain huge data. These professionals mainly maintain old databases and suggest the right kind of solution to fix the bugs. Companies that need to digitally store huge data always deploy database engineers. Database engineers are expected to have a good knowledge of SQL followed by exemplary problem-solving skills.

5. Cloud Architect

Cloud computing over the past few years has got immensely popular across the globe because of its amazing ability to provide access to huge real-time data to the users as and when they want. And, in the times to come, this subdomain of the IT industry is anticipated to grow at a phenomenal rate. All of this will create demand for qualified and experienced cloud architects both in India and abroad. Cloud architects primarily develop, maintain, and supervise the cloud servers where the data is stored. Although it might be a very hard-working job, the pay packets are very high.

6. Technical writer

For those who have earned an MCA degree from any of the top MCA colleges in UP or any other part of the country, along with a flair for writing, technical writing might be a very relevant and rewarding career option for them. They can use their writing skills combining computer science skills and creativity to explain different types of algorithms to the world in a simple and lucid language. Technical writers are typically involved in creating the following:
  • Product descriptions
  • User manuals
  • Guides
  • Design description
  • White papers, and
  • Articles and blogs.
Writing blogs is comparatively a new domain for MCA degree holders. There are various free platforms on which they can create their blog and enlighten the world about the latest as well as futuristic trends in the field of computer science. Though only a few have that kind of talent, the knowledge of IT and creative writing skills make for a unique combination to stun the world of IT enthusiasts.

7. Troubleshooter

Where there are computers, there are troubles. Troubleshooting is also one of the most exciting and rewarding job options after you earn an MCA degree from any of the MCA colleges in Kanpur or any other part of the country. Troubleshooters are the individuals who suggest solutions to numerous functional problems in the particular infrastructure. Almost all the big organizations deploy troubleshooters so that they can maintain proper functioning of their operations.
Troubleshooters need to be well aware of each and every aspect of the IT industry and the systems used in it, because they are the only individuals who are called when any problem anywhere in the system arises. Apart from it, they are also responsible for conducting maintenance-related activities across the IT framework of an organization.

Concluding Remarks

The Maharana Pratap Group of Institutions (MPGI) is one of the leading higher education institutions in the country with 5 schools, 10 colleges, one university, a medical college, and a hospital. It provides excellence in education by offering various courses in the diverse streams of Engineering, Management, Dental, Medical, Pharmacy, Information Technology, Biotechnology, Nursing, Paramedical Sciences, Physiotherapy, and Agriculture.
MPGI offers a Postgraduate Program in Computer Applications in sync with the guidelines and eligibility set out by the All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE). This program aims at shaping computer professionals of tomorrow with the right moral and ethical values. MCA degree holders can find jobs easily both in the government and private sectors. They have a better edge due to the added specializations. The eligibility criteria for the program are BCA/BSc. – Computer Science or equivalent Degree OR Passed B.Sc./ B.Com./ B.A. with Mathematics at 10+2 or Graduation Level.